Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion
Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion

Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion By-Laws

The Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family, their relatives, their descendants, and all those that are through marriage and/or legal members of said family shall be governed by these By-Laws while in attendance or participation in any and all events under the assembly of “Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion” (BPLR).


The Family (BPLR), members and friends shall assemble every two (2) years to fellowship and exchange our family expression of love for our immediate and extended family, and their close family friends. Such assembly will have a primary focus for family fun and unity.


The Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion will take place on the First Weekend of August beginning on a Friday and closing with worship service on Sunday morning in the Odd Calendar years, beginning with the first in 1977. The Reunion will be held in a location selected and voted on by Family Members in attendance at a business meeting of the current reunion site. Such vote will be taken only after a host city is volunteered by a family resident of that city and is willing to host the event.Every 10th year reunion is designated as a National Reunion and is to be held in the state of Tennessee. The 10th year reunions, National reunions are designated as years ending with a 7.

Amended:  (August 2017)


The Host city of the event year may develop a “Theme” for the activities during the reunion and suggest such attire. Cost considerations must be recognized when suggesting the attire. There will be a Family emblem (Generation Family Symbol) on the front of the t-shirt with generation at the top and the beginning year and current year in numerals at the bottom of the generation symbol. The back of the shirt is reserved for the individual cities to design their logo. All logos and symbols must be in the family spirit and not offensive.

The color of each BPL Reunion State T-Shirt, will be the choice of the State Chair and Hosting committee, of the Host State, the BPL logo and positioning will remain the same.

The color for the national reunion t-shirt will remain gray shirts with maroon lettering.All states will always use the T-shirt colors of maroon letters and graphics on the grey background for the decennial Tennessee reunion year.

Amended:  (August 2015)

Amended:  (August 2017)



THE Host City Committee shall reserve the necessary hotel, meals, activities, and assembly areas to accommodate the family members that are to attend. The Host Committee shall be cost conscious when reserving hotels, meals, and activities. Attendees will pay for their individual lodging; the host committee shall include meals and activities in the reunion fees.


The Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family members will assemble as mentioned, there will be a reunion fee assessed for individuals and family. Such fees will pay for the attendants scheduled meals (at least a breakfast and a banquet type sit down meal), and the Saturday family time events. Other meals and activities that members wish to participate in will be at their cost. The Host committee shall include cost for individuals with children and without and maintain an age cost reduction for children (a family rate can be used but not required). Activities and meals should not exceed a 5% increase over last reunion. This is to encourage participation.


National Chairperson- This person shall have the responsibility of being a contact person concerning the overall reunion activities. Maintain a copy of the reunion by-laws, business meeting minutes, conduct the family business, assist in recommendations and/or changes to the reunion activities and by-laws.

Secretary- This person shall be at the business meeting and record the business conducted during the meeting. Maintain a written copy of said meeting and have prepared for acceptance or revision at the next family reunion business meeting.

Correspondence Secretary- This person shall be responsible for written information sent to family members, by mail or email, if available, responsible for announcing special recognition of family members when notified, cost associated with this mailing will be kept at a minimum and paid for at the next business meeting.

Treasurer- This person shall be responsible for keeping as accurate account of any and all funds that are designated as Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion reserve funds, and make a report at each business meeting.

State Coordinators- There shall be a coordinator selected or designated for each state that a family member resides. This person will be responsible for coordinating with the host committee, to update family information and assist in encouraging family members to attend the reunion; this may include local functions as fund raisers to assist in the reunion cost.

Host Committee- These family members shall be responsible for the reservation of block rooms, meals, and activities for, “The Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Reunion”. They shall make at least two (2) Mailings to family members. These mailing should include (but not limited to), information about hotel, planned events, approximate and/or the cost to attend; as well as any request for information of other family members, such as birth or special recognition. The committee will establish a date for fee to be paid and amount to pay (keeping the 5%in mind).

Parliamentarian- This person shall attend the family business meeting, and serve as an expert in parliamentary procedures, assisting the presiding officer during meetings. This person shall observe each business meeting and advise presiding officer of “Robert Rules of Order”, when required.

Amended date: (August 2009 )                                     

Internet Technic/ Graphic Designer-This person shall serve as a host committee contact person regarding internet and social media posting. This person will assist the host committee in the developing of Family Web pages/sites and information posting to such sites.

Amended date:(August 2009)


These by-laws shall govern the Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion and shall remain in effect unless revised or changed at the Family Reunion Meeting. Officers shall be elected or reelected at each business meeting.

Amendments to BPL Family Reunion By-Laws

These by-laws shall govern the Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion and shall remain in effect unless revised or changed at the Family Reunion Meeting. Officers shall be elected or reelected at each business meeting.



Amendment 1-amended August 2003

Article V-Fees and Cost

Changes as follow:

Activities and meals should not exceed a 5% increase…(should read…should be a reasonable increase if need to account for inflation.)

Article VI-Officers and Duties reads: The committee will establish a date for fees to be paid and amount to pay (keeping the 5% in mind).

Should read: The committee… and amount to pay, keeping the cost reasonable to cover expense.



Amendment 2 – amended August 2017

Changes as follows:

Bylaws updated August 2017 will become the official bylaws.


Amendment 3 – amended August 2019

Changes as follow:

The Reunion Host City Committee will hereby have the authority to decide whether to have a Formal dinner/banquet for that Reunion Year.


By-Laws Updated in 2019 are the Official By-Laws of the Bryant, Perkins, Lewis Family Reunion.


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