Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion
Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion

2022 Reunion Theme:

"A Past to Remember, A Present To Celebrate, and A Future to Cultivate."


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February 8, 2021


BPL Family,


Hello, family! This letter is being written on behalf of BPL 2022 Indiana Reunion Committee and the BPL Reunion National Chair. We wanted to update you on our 2021 family reunion. The past year has been very challenging with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have and will continue to follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines (social distancing, wearing a mask, etc). However, we’ve had several family members that have had the virus. We are excited that vaccines have been approved and are available. However, health experts are projecting that it will be late summer or after before the percentage of the population receiving the vaccines will have a major impact on stopping the spread of the virus.

The BPL Leadership Team has decided to postpone the 2021 BPL Family Reunion until 2022. The Indiana Committee will remain the host for 2022. It was recommended that the 2022 Reunion be moved to the last week in July due to schools starting early. It is also recommended that the 2023 BPL Reunion be moved to 2024 and the Florida State Committee remain the host. There will be a review of the By-Laws at the 2022 Reunion Business meeting to vote on any future changes.

We are all disappointed that we will not meet this year but for the safety of all our family members, it is the best decision. We will keep you updated on activities and fees for the 2022 reunion by letter, email, BPL Facebook page, and BPL website. We want everyone to be included. In order for that to happen, we need current contact information. That information can be updated with June Lynch. It can also be updated with the Indiana Committee by email ( or by calling/text Zalika Lumumba at (317)590-7908. Please share this request with any family member who did not receive this letter. Thank you for your support and understanding. Please stay safe!

Joseph Lewis, BPL National Chairperson & Zalika Lumumba, Indiana State BPL Reunion Chairperson



Contact Info: Joseph Lewis;; (615)283-3110

Zalika Lumumba;; (317)590-7908

The BPL 2022 Family Reunion Committee's diligently planning to provide one of the best Bryant Perkins Lewis Family Reunion experiences to date for our fabulous family.


Reunion Announcement Letter


To communicate with the BPL 2022 Family Reunion Committee at this time, please use the following phone or email address:


Contact Info: 

Zalika Lumumba; 590-7908

Quinten Puckett; 716-1595 

Joseph Lewis;; (615) 283-3110




Reunion Business Meeting Minutes - July 30, 2022

Bryant Perkins Lewis Family Reunion 2022

Business Meeting Minutes

Saturday July 30, 2022



Call to Order – National Chairperson Joseph Lewis at 9:47 am

Prayer – Wilbur Eugene Lewis Sr.

Minutes – National Recording Secretary read 2019 Business Meeting Minutes; Moved to

approve; minutes received


Reunion Years

Even years have conflicted with at least two family reunions

Florida Committee would rather wait to host the reunion in 2024 or 2025

It was proposed that a small event could be held in 2023 to get back on track for odd years,

and the Florida reunion could be held in 2025

Proposed Question: Should the family reunions go back to odd years, which is reflected in the

current bylaws, or should they be changed to even years?

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

            60 – odd years

            3 – even years

Current bylaws will be sustained


Small Reunion & Florida Reunion

It was suggested to have a picnic or family celebration in 2023 in Tennessee or somewhere


Florida Committee would prefer to do a small event in 2023 and host the next reunion in 2025

Eugene Lewis volunteered to host the small 2023 event in Tennessee

Motion to have small 2023 event in Tennessee and the Florida reunion will be held in 2025

Belinda Galbreath moved; Barry Lewis second

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

Unanimous – A small event will be held in 2023 in Tennessee; Florida reunion will be held in

2025 motion carried


Reunion Dates

School starts the first week in August for many children

Motion to move the reunion from the first weekend in August to the last weekend in July

Quintin Puckett moved, Zalika Lumumba Second

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

69 – Move reunion to last weekend in July

3 – Keep reunion the first weekend in August

Bylaws will be amended to reflect that the reunion will be held the last weekend in July


Family Reunion Business Meetings

It was proposed that we need a quorum for changing bylaws

Attendance is lacking at the business meetings

Bylaws should not be changed with less than 25% of reunion attendees

  • It was suggested to have the meeting at a later time on Saturday


  • It was also suggested to have the meeting directly after the picture, so everyone will


already be together

Motion to support a quorum

Robert Lewis moved; Shirley Lewis second

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

56 – in favor of quorum

2 – not in favor of quorum

1 – abstained

Bylaws will be amended to reflect that 25% of reunion attendees constitutes a quorum, and

bylaws cannot be changed with less than 25% of reunion attendees; motion carried

Host city will determine the time of the Business Meeting


Family Reunion Fees

It was proposed that reunion fees should be waived for family members 90 years and older

  • It was suggested to drop the fee waiver from 90 years old to 85 years old


  • There was a recommendation to keep the reunion fee waiver for family members 90

years and older, but allow family members between 85 – 89 years old to pay 50% of the

reunion fees

Motion to waive reunion fees for family members 90 years and older and those between 85 and

89 years old will pay 50% of the reunion fees

Valena moved; Teresa Davis second

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

62 – in favor of waiving reunion fees for family members 90 years and older and 50% waived for

family members 85-89 years old

0 – Opposed

Motion Carried

*** fees waived include only reunion dues


2022 Reunion Attendance

Approximately 250 attendees


2027 Reunion

According to the bylaws, every 10 years, the family reunion is held in Tennessee

A question was proposed regarding whether or not we should have the 2027 reunion in

Tennessee due to the small event that will be hosted by Tennessee in 2023

Official Vote, Counted by Robert Lewis

Majority would like for the 2027 reunion to remain in Tennessee

The 2029 reunion location will be voted on at the 2025 Florida reunion


National Officers

National Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Historian,

Parliamentarian, Benevolence, Technology/Graphics

National Officers are voted upon every two years

Motion to keep current national officers unless they have an objection

Shirley Lewis moved, Robert Lewis second; Juanita Smith motion closed; no objections

• June Lynch would like to step down as the Corresponding Secretary

• Mike Nickelson nominated Arlene Moore Ross for Corresponding Secretary

• Arlene Moore Ross wins


• Juanita Smith nominated Alvin Ricky T Smith

• Alvin Ricky T Smith wins


Current BPL National Officers

National Chairperson – Joseph Lewis

National Recording Secretary – Merris Ross-Jones

National Corresponding Secretary – Arlene Moore Ross

National Treasurer – Host City Reunion Chairperson

National Historian – June Lynch

Assistant National Historian – Arlene Moore Ross

Benevolence – Juanita Smith

IS/Technology Officer – Jamin Dion Smith

Parliamentarian – Alvin T Ricky Smith


State Coordinators

Tennessee and Kentucky will be tentatively combined

California – Tentatively keep Bruce Singleton (He is already the coordinator for Arizona)

Georgia – TBD

Illinois – Belinda Galbreath



Juanita will collect benevolence money throughout the reunion; she will accept cash or PayPal


Reunion T-Shirt

It was suggested to allow each host city to design the reunion t-shirt

Discussion Closed

Reunion t-shirts will continue to be designed by each state

  • Front of t-shirts must be uniform amongst each state


  • Back of t-shirts can be determined by state


Business Meeting Adjourned: 11:02 am

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