Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion
Bryant-Perkins-Lewis Family Reunion

2019 Reunion Theme:

"A Link to the Past, A Bridge to the Future."

Perkins Family Photos and History

 Perkins Family History

Anderson Perkins was believed to have been born in Woodlawn, Tennessee. He married Molly Meriwether who was believed to have been born in Oklahoma and migrated to Tennessee. She was believed to be a descendent of an Indian Tribe. Anderson and Molly had five children: Luther, William, Isaiah, Lula and Ruth. 

Approximately ten years after their union Anderson passed away. Molly then married James Pendleton and this union produced two children; James and Aela Pendleton. After her husband James passed, Molly remained a widow for many years before her marriage to Mr. Elliot. 

Luther Perkins married Tular Bryant and this union brought forth thirteen children. These children’s names were Anderson, Odessa, Moses, Laquel, Metlean, Martha, Bryant (Jack), Roland, Alah, Lula, Addie, Ruth and Olla. Eventually, Luther and Tular divorced. Later on, Luther married Sarah Anderson and they had one child, Evelyn. Tular also married again. Even though there were no children from the union, Jessie Bronaugh, became a father figure to Tula’s youngest daughter Olla.

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